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Research & Consulting

I am a professor emeritus of computer science and engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I was on the faculty from 2000 until my retirement in June 2023. I held the Veritas Presidential Chair in Storage in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering from 2016 until my retirement. I’m the Founding Director of the Center for Research in Storage Systems, and have been a faculty member in the Storage Systems Research Center since its founding in 2001.

I’ve worked with Pure Storage since its inception in 2009, using my expertise to help build an industry leader in enterprise data storage systems from the ground up. I’ve done consulting work with other companies, including Veritas and Hewlett Packard, to help with their work in advanced storage systems.

I’ve also served as a consultant in multiple intellectual property cases over the past 25 years, including experience writing expert reports, testifying at depositions, and testifying in court proceedings. These cases have included issues in RAID systems, computer security, and flash memory systems.

Natural Bridge in Santa Cruz


I’m an amateur photographer, with interests in landscape and wildlife photography.

I no longer use Facebook. If you’re interested in keeping in contact, please check out my blog, or contact me directly via email, text, or (if you don’t know my email address or phone number) the contact page on this site.